What we do

We are a global strategic market intelligence firm, which addresses business challenges
with tailor-made approach. We are happy to support you with:

Go-to-market strategy

Understand what makes your
target market tick and devise
a strategy for success.

Market Analysis

Get the in-depth view on what’s happening in your target market so you can achieve better results … faster.

Competitive Intelligence

Find out what your competition is doing and what it takes to succeed on your target market.

Value Chain Mapping

Identify performance improvement opportunities by mapping the internal and external activities along the value chain.

Pricing study

Understand the margins
and opportunities on different levels
of the value chain to improve your
pricing strategy and profitability.

Operational Best Practices

Understand which operating models
bring the most value and see
how to implement them
in your organization.

M&A Assistance

Benefit from professional support
in identifying and profiling acquisition targets, all the way through to commercial
due diligence.

New Ventures

Create reliable, data-driven
development strategies to attract
investors or evaluate new ventures’
business models.

Our focus

We want you and your organization to benefit from our experience.
We specialize in three sectors:

Industrial Manufacturing



Where we work

We cover markets around the world with a focus
on EMEA and the Americas.

our experience

We have a strong track record of helping our clients achieve their business objectives.
See our case studies:

Shedding light on automotive OEM demands: Uncovering key needs for lightweight solutions

Corporate banking landscape in Brazil: Challenges, players, and strategies

Driving diagnostic advancements: Analyzing the ultrasound, mammography, and radiology markets in Central and Eastern Europe

Market analysis of multifunction municipal vehicles and industrial cleaning machines in Europe: Assessing trends, opportunities, and competitive landscape

Unlocking insights in the HVAC market in CIS: Business intelligence and market analysis

Building value: A strategic analysis of Russia’s construction and infrastructure industry

Insights into the CT and MRI market in Central and Eastern Europe: A comprehensive study

Optimizing resource allocation in the roofing materials market in Europe

Water pumps market study in Europe: Comprehensive analysis

Competitive intelligence and sales strategy preparation for the enzymes market in Russia and Central Asia

Conquering new markets: A comprehensive strategy development and potential analysis for drives & gears manufacturer

Shaping the future of anesthesia and ventilation: Market analysis in Europe

Formaldehyde usage analysis in the production of MDF boards: Assessing trends, substitutes and environmental impact in the EMEA region

Driving efficiency and safety: Elevator modernization market analysis

Innovation and advancements in tunneling: Market analysis of tunnel boring machines

Navigating the European medical imaging landscape: Market overview of ultrasound scanners, radiography, and mammography in Europe

Silencing the noise: Comprehensive market analysis of NVH materials worldwide

Building a strong foundation: Uncovering opportunities in the Russian construction materials segment

Market entry feasibility study on chassis for the automotive sector in Europe

Soy market analysis: An overview of the soy industry in selected Western European and APAC countries

How we work with you

Every client and business challenge is different.
Get to know our 4-step process to meet your individual needs.



First, we want to get to know you better. We’ll start with discussing – either in person or through a series of conference calls – your individual business objectives and market intelligence needs.

By understanding your goals, timing, deadlines, and budget, we can propose the right solution.



Based on our initial discussions, we build a solution that addresses your business objectives and is aligned with your schedule and budget.

Your return on investment is our main measure of success – we’ll make sure you buy services that address your business needs precisely.



Our team of specialists launches the project and reports back to you at regular, agreed-upon intervals, so you know what’s happening at every stage of the process.

Projects are conducted according to proven, industry-standard methodologies, and run by friendly, professional project managers.



We present the outcome in the format that suits you best: in person, on a conference call, or in the form of a workshop.

Our goal is to provide you with actionable intelligence and to ensure you derive real value from the output of our work.

Why clients work with us

We deliver insight that helps you achieve your business goals.
With EMBS, you benefit from:


We have carried out hundreds of projects for the world’s leading companies.


We know who to talk to, how to engage them, and which research methods work best.


Our focus on B2B in selected industries means you’re working with experts.

Customer centricity

We are 100% focused on you, your challenge and delivering your ROI.


Our solutions are customized to meet your budget and schedule.

Dependable communication

You can count on regular, timely updates on the status of your project.


We are open, professional, friendly, and constructive, even during project challenges.

Team spirit

We strive to serve as an extension of your team, not an external service provider.

Direct access

Enjoy open access to your Project Manager and other Senior EMBS team members.


Contact us

Want to talk about your business challenge with us?
Let us know, we’re always happy to talk.