We have an experience-based understanding of the processes and challenges in the healthcare sector. From tender analytics and installed base, through therapy adoption and competitive landscape, to customer/patient journey and complex omnichannel strategies.

We have a strong track record of helping our clients achieve their business objectives.

See our case studies:

Driving diagnostic advancements: Analyzing the ultrasound, mammography, and radiology markets in Central and Eastern Europe

Insights into the CT and MRI market in Central and Eastern Europe: A comprehensive study

Shaping the future of anesthesia and ventilation: Market analysis in Europe

Navigating the European medical imaging landscape: Market overview of ultrasound scanners, radiography, and mammography in Europe

Driving value in the hearing aid industry: Value chain assessment in selected European markets

Continuous competitive landscape monitoring: A strategic imperative for sustained success

Unveiling KOL perspectives: In-depth interviews on cervical cancer screening programs in selected European countries

Exploring expert insights: Interviewing Key Opinion Leaders on pessary treatment for urinary incontinence in leading European markets

Driving customer satisfaction: Competitive intelligence analysis of customer service in CEE for a medical device company

Beyond the heartbeat: Unveiling market trends and insights in interventional cardiology across Europe

Empowering sexual health choices: Market study on the effects of contraception on libido in Europe

Customer service price and offering benchmarking: Uncovering best practices

Channel experience analysis in Cardiovascular Ultrasound market in Western Europe: Enhancing customer engagement and satisfaction

Channel experience analysis in Women’s Health market in Europe: Enhancing customer engagement and satisfaction

Strategic market expansion: Identifying optimal distribution channels for a leading medical device producer in Central & Eastern Europe and CIS

Regulatory compliance demystified: In-depth examination of MAH regulations in Central & Eastern Europe

Harmonizing care: Comparative analysis of breast cancer treatment regulations in the EU

Comparative analysis of colorectal cancer treatment regulations in the EU

Pharma perspectives: Deep dive into Eastern European pharmaceutical markets

Exploring the Balkan health sector: Research and analysis for informed decision making

Private phacoemulsification market in Poland: Analysis of opportunities and trends

Capturing market dynamics: Analysis of urinary catheters in Central and Eastern Europe

Central Nervous System (CNS) in Romania: A comprehensive study on market dynamics, disease burden, and treatment landscape

Financial analysis of pharmacies in Poland: Assessing the industry’s standing

Unlocking competitive advantage: Tender monitoring and analysis of ultrasound market in Europe

Advancing cardiovascular care: Market Analysis of ultrasound equipment in cardiology in Poland

Navigating tender dynamics: Analysis of hearing implant tenders in Europe

Expanding market reach: Identifying potential distributors for a leading OTC producer in CEE

Strategic insights: Market intelligence report on in-vitro diagnostics (Hematology) across Europe

Strategic insights: Market intelligence report on in-vitro diagnostics (Biochemistry) across Europe

Blood pressure monitors market analysis in Russia & CIS

Competitive intelligence on Novo Nordisk

Understanding Hologic customers in Western Europe

Enhancing wellbeing: Understanding the competitive landscape of the dietary supplements and vitamins industry

Understanding abortion: Analysis on policy, access, and public opinion

Competitive intelligence analysis on Roche and DexCom: Comparative study of diabetes care market strategies and innovations

Inside molecular diagnostics: Competitor profiling and market dynamics

Exploring ultrasound in gynecology: A qualitative study in Europe

Private market analysis of cataract treatment in Europe: Insights and opportunities

Unveiling the future of prenatal testing: NIPT market analysis in Europe

Unveiling the Polish medical industry: Comprehensive market research and analysis

Analysis of the financial standing on pharmacy chains in Europe

Hearing implants market analysis in Central & Eastern Europe

Capturing market trends: Research on surgical procedure volumes in selected geographies

Unleashing limitless horizons: A dynamic Go-To-Market strategy for the leading hearing aid devices producer

Shaping the future of patient monitoring: Market analysis of hemodynamic and tissue oximetry monitors and sensors

Life-saving fluids: A comprehensive overview of the blood and plasma replacement solutions market

Market research on attitudes towards telemedicine in the EU: Understanding perceptions, adoption, and opportunities

Empowering sales operations: Demand-side mapping and segmentation for a leading medical devices producer

Surgery beach chair market analysis and insights

Empowerment and employee engagement: Internal HR study for enhanced organizational success in healthcare sector

Acumen portfolio: Market research for successful product launch

Omnichannel segmentation and strategy: Maximizing customer engagement and revenue growth

Mastering hemodynamic stability: Crafting a sales and marketing strategy for hemodynamic monitors producer in North America

My voice: Internal marketing study for employee engagement and empowerment in medical devices sector

Mapping enhanced surgical programs in Europe: Strategies and implementation insights

Market analysis of bedside monitoring in Europe (MPM)

Tender monitoring in CEE: Unveiling opportunities and optimizing bidding strategies

Omnichannel strategies for purchasing directors: Optimizing procurement in a digital era

Transcatheter Aortic Valve Implantation (TAVI) analysis in Germany: Market trends, opportunities, and challenges

Capturing insights on hemodynamic monitoring in the OR: Market analysis and clinical applications in Western Europe

Anesthesiologists panel analysis in Europe: Insights and market trends for the fluid management

Market intelligence on high-risk surgeries in Europe: Segmentation, trends, challenges, and opportunities

Amplifying awareness of tropical disease risks: Dengue fever treatment in Europe

Addressing hemodynamic instability: Forging a sales and marketing strategy in the Middle East for hemodynamic and tissue oximetry monitors producer

Investigation of potential indications for Inhalative Trimodulin in EU4, UK, and US: Market analysis and therapeutic opportunities

Elevating cross-sales and up-sales strategy: Unleashing market intelligence on EP Labs in Europe for optimal growth

Advancing personal mobility: Market study on wheelchairs and scooters in Europe

Market Intelligence on Medical Gases in Europe: Trends, Growth Opportunities, and Regulatory Landscape

Market analysis of COPD and sleep apnea treatment in Europe: Assessing trends, innovations, and growth opportunities

Forging the path for Iron Therapies: Market analysis and competitive intelligence on IV Iron products and substitutes in Europe

Seamlessly connected: An in-depth analysis of the hospital connectivity market in Western Europe

Strategic insights: Assessing competitors’ commercial strategies in the rheumatoid arthritis market

Pain relief and mental wellness: Analysis of neuropathic pain and depression treatment via patch application

Protecting against pneumococcal infections: Market analysis of Pneumococcal Conjugate Vaccine (PCV)

Combatting high cholesterol: Exploring the Market trends and opportunities in Cholesterol-lowering medications

Expanding horizons: Identifying targeted opportunities for client brand in the CNS (Central Nervous System) market

Quantifying the CML treatment market: Assessing physician insights and market share of major treatments

Nourishing health: Market analysis of the enteral food market in Central and Eastern Europe

Understanding the competitive landscape: CI on top OTC drugs producers in Europe

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