Industrial manufacturing

We have an excellent understanding of industrial manufacturing. Our experience ranges from the analysis of the value chain and competitive landscape, through market mechanics analysis and market size estimations, to advisory in pricing, sales, and distribution strategies.

We have a strong track record of helping our clients achieve their business objectives.

See our case studies:

Shedding light on automotive OEM demands: Uncovering key needs for lightweight solutions

Market analysis of multifunction municipal vehicles and industrial cleaning machines in Europe: Assessing trends, opportunities, and competitive landscape

Unlocking insights in the HVAC market in CIS: Business intelligence and market analysis

Water pumps market study in Europe: Comprehensive analysis

Competitive intelligence and sales strategy preparation for the enzymes market in Russia and Central Asia

Conquering new markets: A comprehensive strategy development and potential analysis for drives & gears manufacturer

Formaldehyde usage analysis in the production of MDF boards: Assessing trends, substitutes and environmental impact in the EMEA region

Driving efficiency and safety: Elevator modernization market analysis

Innovation and advancements in tunneling: Market analysis of tunnel boring machines

Silencing the noise: Comprehensive market analysis of NVH materials worldwide

Market entry feasibility study on chassis for the automotive sector in Europe

Soy market analysis: An overview of the soy industry in selected Western European and APAC countries

Strategic pricing insights: Analysis of material handling equipment in the Americas

Pricing analysis of commercial vehicles across the MENA region: Market trends, competitive landscape, and pricing strategies

Customer mapping and Voice of Customer (VOC) analysis for a commercial vehicles OEM in the MENA region: Understanding market segments and customer preferences

European market analysis of paper-based carrier and shopper bags: Trends, opportunities, and challenges

Understanding the felt binders market in Europe: Demand, supply, and competitive dynamics

Heating market panel analysis: Uncovering market shares and key trends

Competitive landscape analysis of technical gases market in Central and Eastern Europe

Enzymes market in the MENA region: Insights and analysis for strategic decision-making

Market study on NIPU (Non-Isocyanate Polyurethane) in Europe: Trends, growth drivers, and competitive landscape

Non-organic growth opportunities in the heating market in Germany: Exploring expansion strategies and market potential

Mapping the global phosphates industry: Market size, segmentation, and growth opportunities

Exploring the ultra cold value chain: A comprehensive analysis

Pricing strategies in the excavator market: A comparative study

Feasibility assessment and market entry strategy for a novel flame retardant in the wood panel industry

Assessing the value proposition: Verification and validation of enzyme supply for detergent producers

Understanding the European transport refrigeration market: Market sizing and analysis

Analyzing the decision-making journey for kitchen equipment in Western Europe: Insights and recommendations

Unveiling the hygiene products market: Competitor profile study

Gaining the competitive edge: CI analysis of manufacturers in the incontinence products industry

In-depth profile of a major OEM in the heat pumps industry: Market positioning, manufacturing footprint, and growth strategies

Navigating planetary challenges: Analysis of environmental and social factors impacting the global packaging industry

Assessing the impact of digital tools on agriculture in France, Germany, and Poland: Market analysis and insights

Advancing sustainable solutions: Market potential analysis of natural and biodegradable oral excipients

Connected construction: High-Level market analysis of telematics in the construction industry

Competitive Intelligence on spark plugs production facilities in Europe

Away From Home hygiene products market analysis in Western and Eastern Europe

Maximizing market potential: Analysis of water softeners in Europe

Streamlining operations: Analysis of filtration systems in the F&B industry

Enhancing water efficiency: Market analysis of water meters in Europe

Voice of Customer (VOC) analysis: Understanding industrial bag filters users in Europe

Supplier screening in CEE for braking systems components: Assessing vendor capabilities and reliability

Optimizing business strategies: Market analysis of the Away From Home (AFH) market in the Baltic States

Market analysis and sales strategy optimization for Pest Control (PCO) in Central & Eastern Europe and Russia

Driving competitiveness in the aluminum sector: CI analysis of producers in Europe

Navigating the Scandinavian pulp and paper industry: Market analysis and insights

Optimizing strategies in the commercial signage industry: Market analysis and insights

Enhancing roadside infrastructure: Market analysis of roadside mowing in Europe

HVAC market potential evaluation in the Czech Republic: Assessing growth opportunities and market dynamics

Heavy duty vehicles market analysis: A comparative study of Europe and Brazil

Evaluating the printing equipment reseller market: Analysis in EU and Russia

Strengthening market position: Competitive Intelligence on key HVAC sector players in CEE

Russian elevator market analysis: Trends, growth drivers, and competitive landscape

Assessing opportunities and risks: Market entry feasibility study in fertilizers market in CEE

Seed treatment market in Europe: Comprehensive market intelligence report

Rodenticides market analysis and market entry feasibility study in Western Europe

Optimizing product offerings: VOC for elevators and escalators clients in Europe

Expanding distribution channels: Distributor search in Kazakhstan, Belarus, and Turkey

Lifting equipment competitive landscape analysis

Brewing success: Comprehensive analysis of the coffee market in Central and Eastern Europe

Industrial lubricants market analysis in Western Europe: Trends, opportunities, and forecast

Waste management distributor exploration: Identifying partners for market expansion

Innovating aquaculture: Assessing the triploid salmon market and its future prospects

Advancements in underground infrastructure: Market analysis of microtunneling in the EU

Fueling progress: Market analysis of the automotive industry in Central Asia

Market entry strategy for a communal equipment manufacturer in the MENA Region: A roadmap to success

Guarding homes and businesses: Alarm systems market analysis in Western Europe

Elevating growth: Market analysis of existing elevator installations in Europe

Analysis of automotive lubricants market in Central and Eastern Europe

Mapping the battery industry: Competitive analysis of car battery plants in Europe

Ascending opportunities: M&A support for a global elevator OEM in the Polish market

Insights into labeling solutions: European market analysis

Hot elastomers industry insights: Global mapping of producers

Market study: Ink used on packaging for medical devices

Market forecast: Aseptic isolators and containment systems on a global scale

Exploring the fleet aftermarket filters market in Europe: Trends, opportunities, and analysis

E-mobility revolution: CI insights on electric bus manufacturers in Europe

Adhesives market target screening: Identifying potential acquisition opportunities

Elevator market Competitive Intelligence: Analyzing installed base and market shares in key European markets

Competitive Intelligence on DPF filters production facilities in Europe

Scandinavian metal working fluids market: Industry overview

EMEA aviation oil market research: Key players, market size, and growth opportunities

DACH market analysis of rubber process oils: Trends, opportunities, and competitive landscape

Market share analysis: Top heat press manufacturers in the EU automotive manufacturing industry

Target identification and intelligence support in the Maleic Anhydride derivatives sector

Competitive intelligence analysis of telematics competitors: Uncovering key insights and market positioning

In-depth profile analysis of a leading chemical specialties producer: Market positioning, product portfolio, and competitive advantage

Exploring the EMEA STMP market: Key applications and market potential

Data-driven journey: An in-depth analysis of diverse automotive market statistics in Europe

Comprehensive study of the global car fillers market: Market dynamics, applications, and regional analysis

M&A support for the acquisition of an independent elevator company: Commercial Due Diligence

Mapping the landscape: Market study on 2k epoxy adhesives in industrial manufacturing

Targeting sub dealer prospects for HCV OEM in Israel: Identification and assessment

Stand-on vacuums market: Competitive intelligence and market analysis

Development of effective adhesives sales strategy in CEE: Unleashing growth opportunities and maximizing potential

Exploring new frontiers: Distributor search in Europe for a communal equipment producer

Optimizing pricing strategies: A comprehensive study of material handling equipment prices in Western Europe

Exploring potential partnerships for ViziPlexx commercialization – an innovative PU product

Bioprocessing bags supply chain overview: Key materials, trends and future changes

Oligonucleotide market analysis: Competitive intelligence study on key competitors

Overview of medical packaging in Europe

Exploring polyphosphoric acid: Grades, market volumes, novelty applications, and key players insights

In-depth study of elastomers producers: Profiles, product portfolio, and market positioning

Client prospecting in the catheter industry: Opportunities and analysis

Deep dive into a leading phosphate manufacturer: Competitive intelligence profile

Chemicals market analysis: Competitor and customer landscaping study

Battery separators market: In-depth profiles of key players

Competitive intelligence study: Analysis of oligonucleotide companies in APAC

Uncovering the peptide landscape: A comprehensive CI study

Client prospecting in the ceramics and refractory industry: Targeting potential customers for a global alumina producer

Exploring untapped potential: Mapping idle tire manufacturing plants in the CEE region

Driving forward: A comprehensive analysis of EV battery pack specifications

The rise of plant-based meat: Analyzing market opportunities, growth, and future projections

Unveiling the electric car charging infrastructure in Europe: A comprehensive analysis and country comparison

Competitive landscape and growth opportunities: CI study on generic peptides market

Creamy delights: Exploring the opportunities in the US ice cream market

Serving up success: Market analysis of the foodservice industry in the US

Poland automotive lubricants market analysis: Market size, trends, and growth drivers

Price analysis and qualitative insights: Exploring excavator market in Western Europe

Reviving opportunities: Screening the potential for obsolete parts market in Central and Eastern Europe

The rise of private label: Analyzing the biscuits market and private label opportunities

Exploring opportunities: M&A analysis in the municipal equipment industry

Navigating the road milling industry: Market intelligence report for Western Europe

Expanding reach in CEE: Distributor search for a tissue producer

Powering growth: Market sizing, segmentation, and analysis of the generators market

Foundation equipment unveiled: Market study on the rotary drilling rig market

Charting the path of Chinese manufacturers: Market study on deep foundation equipment in China

Cooling the region: Market analysis of commercial refrigeration in the MENA region

Precision cooling for medical facilities: A/C systems in hospitals and laboratories

Winter warmth: Residential heating solutions in Eastern Europe

Powering the future: Market sizing and segmentation of electric boilers in North Africa

Optimizing airflow: Analysis of air distribution components in HVAC systems

Breathing fresh air: Competitive Intelligence on ventilation systems suppliers

Beyond the horizon: Assessing the threat of Chinese thermostats and controls OEMs in Europe and North America

Unlocking reseller success: Unveiling customer insights and harnessing online growth in the HVAC market

Mapping the earth moving equipment purchasing process: A comprehensive analysis for streamlined procurement

Electric wheel loaders market analysis: Assessing growth opportunities and market dynamics

Exploring financing options for construction equipment: Trends, preferences and unmet needs

Quick hitch market analysis: Producers, OEMs, pricing, and key insights in construction equipment attachments

Optimizing market positioning for hydraulic breakers in EMEA: Market analysis, key players, and entry recommendations

Competitor insights: Profiling and market share analysis in the bulldozer market

Construction equipment rental market: Key players, market dynamics, and growth potential

Charging ahead: Assessing the key players and strategies in the European car battery plant market

Electrifying the region: Assessing the development of charging infrastructure in Central & Eastern Europe

Electrifying urban mobility: Developing an electromobility strategy for major cities in Poland

Construction giants: Investigating the market presence and expansion strategies of Chinese OEMs in Africa

Cooling solutions explored: Mapping transport refrigeration bodybuilders in the MENA region

Streamlining heat pump production: Identifying and addressing supply chain bottlenecks

Exploring opportunities: Commercial due diligence on a CEE-based HVAC manufacturer

Composite innovations: Assessing the market for plastic-composite expansion vessels

Sustainable spirits: Unveiling the strategies and challenges of sustainability in the beverage industry

Eating green: Understanding the shift towards eco-friendly and organic food in Western Europe

Fertile grounds: An overview of the structure and dynamics of the agribusiness sector in Russia

Crafting success: Analyzing the opportunities and challenges in the craft beer market of Southern Europe

Animal fat market in Central and Eastern Europe: Trends, players, and prospects

Dairy market titans: In-depth competitive intelligence on selected players in the European dairy industry

Cost management strategies in the meat processing industry: Profiling a major manufacturer’s approach to retail costs

Exploring the B2B Market for processed cheese: Competitive landscape analysis for a leading US manufacturer

Driving innovation in the healthy snack segment: Market expansion strategies for a leading US CPG manufacturer

The rise of sustainable straws: Exploring market dynamics and alternatives in Europe

The shift towards sustainability: Analyzing the market for sustainable packaging solutions

Exploring the landscape: A comprehensive analysis of South Korean specialty paper companies

Gaining a competitive edge: Market entry and customer acquisition strategy for sustainable foam packaging in Europe

Innovative solutions for forest management: Evaluating the adoption of superabsorbent polymers in the European forestry industry

Convenience on the rise: Market insights into Ready-To-Go food packaging

Circular Economy in Action: Exploring Innovations in Packaging Waste Reduction and Recycling

Plywood market dynamics: Growth drivers, challenges, and opportunities worldwide

From biomass to energy: Exploring the European wood-based bioenergy sector

Embracing flexibility: Unlocking growth prospects in the flexible packaging market

Reimagining packaging solutions: Market analysis for an innovative pharmaceutical bottle closure entry strategy

Ignition sensors aftermarket: Identifying opportunities for expansion and market penetration

Navigating the road ahead: An analysis of the future of the LCV market

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