We have a thorough understanding of the construction market mechanics deriving from intelligence projects and on-site experience. From construction materials, and chemicals, through quarrying, mining, and infrastructure, to innovative construction solutions, sustainability, and LCA.

We have a strong track record of helping our clients achieve their business objectives.

See our case studies:

Building value: A strategic analysis of Russia’s construction and infrastructure industry

Optimizing resource allocation in the roofing materials market in Europe

Building a strong foundation: Uncovering opportunities in the Russian construction materials segment

Unlocking success in wood fiber market: A strategic roadmap for market entry and growth in targeted segments

Market potential assessment of Western European markets for a US caulks and sealants producer

Tender assistance for railway project in North Macedonia

Insulation market intelligence: Unleashing growth opportunities and driving competitive advantage.

Iron mining in Kazakhstan: Market analysis and investment opportunities

Driving growth and expansion: How our client achieved success and diversified product offerings in the sustainable structural wood market.

Understanding the power of incentives: A strategic analysis of national building incentives and their impact on the market

Driving revenue growth and market expansion: Empowering the Client’s success in the composite decking market of France, Germany, and the UK

Regulatory framework overview of calcined clay: Understanding the compliance landscape

Deep Dive: An underlay manufacturer maximizes market potential with comprehensive intelligence on competition, segmentation and purchasing behavior.

Analyzing aggregate development potential across 24 key markets in Europe, LATAM, Middle East, and Africa

Strategic alliance quest: Partner search in Hungary’s construction & project management sector

Scaffoldings and formworks sales strategy redesign and implementation in Central & Eastern Europe and Central Asia

Asset Integrity Management landscape: A comprehensive market overview

Fuel additives market in EMEA: Analysis and growth opportunities

Mapping of industrial users of quarry aggregates in Central & Eastern Europe

Concrete market analysis in Central and Eastern Europe: Assessing trends and growth potential

Mapping analysis of Hot Mix Asphalt Plants (HMAP) in Central and Eastern Europe

Feasibility study for polymer-modified bitumen production plant investment

Evaluation of the potential and business opportunities in selected construction segments in Europe

Unlocking market insights: Mapping industrial aggregates users in Southern Europe

Sustainable growth in the European steel market: Analysis of iron ore and steel trends

M&A decision support – market study on the size and dynamics of the lime market in Nordics and CEE

Preferences and market analysis of equipment for dacha owners: Understanding consumer choices and market trends

Identifying partners in Romania, Slovenia, and Croatia: Discovering optimal distribution channels for hand tools

Analyzing the real estate landscape in Southern Europe: Trends, opportunities, and investment potential

Comprehensive analysis of construction data in selected CEE Countries

Paving the way to success: Forecasting the asphalt market in Central Poland

Strategic advisory on sales and production planning of thermal insulation materials

Glass market study in Germany, Switzerland, Czech Republic, and Slovakia: Assessing market dynamics and growth potential

Road construction, repair and maintenance market overview in Germany, Austria and Switzerland

Market entry feasibility study on technical insulation market

Analysis of aggregates market in selected German regions: Assessing supply-side dynamics

Airport construction market analysis in Eastern Europe and Balkans

Market analysis of construction engineering consulting services in Turkey

Unleashing the power of improvement: Global marketing study among the clients of the commercial real estate services company

Navigating the road to progress: Analysis of the road infrastructure construction market in Poland

Understanding the lime and steel markets in Romania: Current state and future outlook

Facade Finesse: Analysis of the European wall cladding materials market

Solid Foundations: Analyzing wall building materials market in the Balkans

Assessing the growth potential of HV cables and gas piping in the DACH region

Market analysis of corrugated bitumen sheets in Western Europe

Building Opportunities: Exploring the construction market in Nordics

Surprising Growth: Unveiling the unexpected rise of German insulated panel imports from Poland

Exploring opportunities for polyurethane in the External Thermal Insulation Composite Systems (ETICS) market

Maximizing market potential: Insulated panel market screening in Greece

Analysis of the potential of the selected segments of construction market in Austria and Germany

Capturing opportunities in the growing roofing accessories market in Poland: A market analysis

Exploring Kazakhstan’s mining landscape: Key players, resources, and growth prospects

Investigating the asphalt and aggregates market in Central and Eastern Europe: A comprehensive analysis

Analysis of the construction sector in Benelux

Analysis of insulated panel producers in the Nordics and Germany

Unleashing future possibilities: Assessment of aggregates market potential in Central and Eastern Europe

Fueling sustainable growth: Comprehensive study of the biogas market in CEE

Competitor analysis in the construction chemicals market: Profiling key players and assessing market dynamics

Analysis of the metal flashings market in Poland

Reevaluating market presence: Assessing the viability of the light switches market in Poland

Strategic analysis of the outdoor tools market in BRICS

Comprehensive analysis of the construction market in Switzerland

In-depth analysis of the bitumen market in Poland: Regional insights and market trends

The Norwegian aggregates market: Comprehensive analysis and insights

Timber and technology: Market analysis of lumber & composite poles in Western Europe

Exploring the Potential: A comprehensive analysis of the European plywood market

Insights into the railway construction market in Europe: Key information and analysis

Exploring the formworks and scaffolds market in Russia: Market analysis and opportunities

Exploring the demand dynamics of the white cement market in selected European countries

Insights into the cement, concrete, bricks, and rooftiles industries in Russia, Ukraine, and Kazakhstan

Market Intelligence Report: Analysis of the mortars market in Central Europe and the Balkans

Crossing boundaries: Market intelligence report on the bridge construction market in selected European countries

Uncovering Opportunities: Market research on the driven piles market in CEE and Central Asia

Deep Dive: Exploring the underpinning market in Western and Eastern Europe

Paving the way: Market entry strategy for the noise barriers market in Russia & CIS

Expanding horizons: Exploring sourcing opportunities in EMEA for global mining company

Exploring the underground mining equipment market: Market overview, segmentation, competitor analysis, and future trends

Targeting expansion: Profiling of ore concentrators

Digging deep: Competitive intelligence study on a premier provider of mining solutions

Comprehensive study on the application of sprayed concrete in mining, tunnels, and civil engineering

Unlocking copper reserves: Assessing the feasibility of mining projects in South Eastern Europe

On track to growth: Examining Turkey’s rail infrastructure and future prospects

Driving development: Examining Africa’s road infrastructure and economic impact

Building bridges to growth: Feasibility study for entering the West African infrastructure market

Ports of the future: A comprehensive analysis of emerging trends, technologies, and opportunities

Navigating the thaw: Study on the effects of Global Warming on port infrastructure in Europe and the potential of the Arctic route

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