Unveiling KOL perspectives: In-depth interviews on cervical cancer screening programs in selected European countries.

The project delivered recommendations for the client’s long-term marketing, communication, and pricing strategies tailored to public and private medical establishments. Furthermore, It identified untapped sales and marketing opportunities.


  • Clear understanding of the strengths and limitations of conventional and innovative cervical cancer screening methods, enabling informed decision-making regarding their implementation.
  • Detailed understanding of the utilization of HPV tests in private and public gynecological practices, guiding effective targeting and engagement with healthcare providers.
  • Identification of key market drivers, barriers, and trends in the HPV tests market, enabling the development of proactive strategies to address challenges and capitalize on growth opportunities.


  • Comprehensive analysis of cervical cancer screening methods, comparing conventional and innovative techniques.
  • Detailed assessment of cervical cancer screening programs implemented in the investigated countries, including their scope, effectiveness, and coverage.
  • In-depth examination of the healthcare systems in each country, focusing on the aspects related to cervical cancer screening and treatment.
  • Detailed exploration of HPV test usage in private and public gynecological practices, including adoption rates and preferences.
  • Comparative analysis of the processes followed in public and private medical establishments, uncovering untapped marketing and sales opportunities.
  • Identification of the growth drivers, barriers, and key trends shaping the HPV tests market, along with insights from influential Key Opinion Leaders.
  • Comprehensive overview of the competitive landscape, encompassing key market players and their respective product offerings.


  • Western Europe
  • Central & Eastern Europe
  • Middle East
  • Africa
  • North America
  • South America
  • Other
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