Insulation market intelligence: Unleashing growth opportunities and driving competitive advantage for a building materials company.

The client managed to unlock new growth avenues, optimize investment decisions, and achieve competitive advantage through strategic utilization of the market insights from the project.


  • Gaining comprehensive insights into the thermal, technical, and roof insulation materials markets in European countries.
  • Evaluating the market potential for expanding the product portfolio.
  • Development of effective go-to-market strategies for each analyzed market and geography.


  • Comprehensive market analysis of the building construction sector: Residential and Non-Residential focus.
  • Quantifying demand and supply for various insulation materials: EPS, XPS, PIR, PUR, Stone Wool, Glass Wool, and Rubber.
  • Evaluating demand-supply balance in thermal, technical, and flat roof insulation segments.
  • Segmenting the market: Insulation material usage by building type, building part, and segment.
  • Historical dynamics and future demand forecasting for insulation materials using statistical models
  • Profiling production facilities: Locations, capacities, utilization, and output by material, country, and facility.
  • In-depth competitor analysis: Profiles, competitive advantages, financials, and recent investments.
  • Analyzing distribution channels and market share of major players.
  • Understanding purchasing process: Decision-making criteria and influential factors for insulation material selection.
  • Assessing legal environment changes and their impact on market volume and segmentation.
  • Identifying market drivers and barriers and their effects on investigated segments.


  • Western Europe
  • Central & Eastern Europe
  • Middle East
  • Africa
  • North America
  • South America
  • Other
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