Production footprint analysis in the incontinence sector: Successfully navigating market disruptions and capitalizing on emerging opportunities, ensuring a resilient and competitive position in the industry.

The primary value lies in the client’s comprehensive understanding of their competitors’ manufacturing footprint and the potential impact of the Ukraine-Russia conflict on trade flows. This insight enabled the client to develop a contingency plan regarding excess production and its potential impact on prices.


  • Better understanding of the production footprint of the leading producers in the incontinence business in Europe.
  • Detailed insights into the impact of geopolitical factors on the incontinence products industry, enabling informed risk management and contingency planning.
  • Introducing a new, successful pricing strategy.


  • Detailed mapping of European manufacturers’ production sites, including locations in Europe and Russia.
  • Quantitative assessment of the number of production lines, total capacity output of incontinence products, and capacity utilization rates yearly.
  • Comprehensive analysis of the production lines, covering installed technologies, running speeds, portfolio complexity, product sizes, and packaging types.
  • Thorough evaluation of logistic advantages in locations where factories are situated compared to served markets.
  • Insight into the procurement model manufacturers adopt, whether local or centralized buying.
  • In-depth analysis of the impact of the Ukraine-Russian conflict on production and business in the incontinence products industry.
  • Estimating the volume of exports from Europe to Russia and imports from Russia to Europe.


  • Western Europe
  • Central & Eastern Europe
  • Middle East
  • Africa
  • North America
  • South America
  • Other
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