Transforming the future of MDF boards production: Overcoming formaldehyde challenges and pioneering sustainable binders to meet the evolving needs of niche markets.

The project insights gave the client a comprehensive understanding of the reasons behind the continued usage of formaldehyde and the challenges in transitioning to more sustainable and environmentally friendly binders.


  • Insights into the purchasing process, decision-making criteria, and key influencers across niche segments, enabling the client to develop targeted marketing and sales approaches to effectively engage with customers and meet their needs.
  • Identification and assessment of niche customer segments with specific requirements, providing insights into the market potential and opportunities for tailored product offerings.
  • Clear understanding of the MDF board market, key trends, growth drivers, and barriers enabled the client to make informed business decisions.


  • Analysis of MDF boards’ current and projected market value and volume, including identification of key trends, growth drivers, and barriers.
  • Segmentation of the market to determine the size and potential of niche customer segments with specific requirements, such as high melamine content and strong board properties.
  • Evaluation of the competitive landscape, including the positioning and perception of major market players and key producers focused on niche markets and their respective customer bases.
  • Assessment of the supply chain dynamics, including trends related to key producers and customers in different application areas.
  • Detailed examination of the purchasing process, including analysis of decision-making criteria, influential decision-makers, and their impact on supplier selection across niche segments. Identification of preference drivers, purchasing criteria, and needs of customers, along with their relative importance.
  • Evaluation of customer sensitivity to environmentally friendly products and use safety factors.
  • In-depth understanding of formaldehyde awareness and exploration of reduction/substitution techniques in the market.


  • Western Europe
  • Central & Eastern Europe
  • Middle East
  • Africa
  • North America
  • South America
  • Other
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