Market research on technical gases in CEE, providing valuable insights on growth potential, customer decision-making, competitors, and niche gases, enabling strategic decision-making and market expansion.

By conducting a detailed analysis of the technical gases market, the client could make informed business decisions, optimize their market strategies, tailor their offerings to customer needs, differentiate themselves from competitors, and effectively expand their presence in the market.


  • A comprehensive assessment of the technical gases market, including market size, growth potential, and key trends, providing the client with valuable insights into the current and future market landscape.
  • A thorough analysis of competitors, including product portfolios, marketing activities, and market positioning, helping the client identify areas for differentiation and potential strategies to outperform competitors.
  • Actionable recommendations, including target customer segments and market expansion opportunities, guiding the client’s efforts to expand their market presence in the region effectively.


  • Analyze the market size and growth potential of technical gases in CEE, specifically focusing on the food and beverage, metalworking, and industrial production sectors.
  • Identify the drivers and barriers influencing the growth of the technical gases market, including regulatory factors, industry trends, and customer preferences.
  • Assess customers’ decision-making process in the target sectors when purchasing gases, including their criteria, preferences, and key influencers.
  • Gather comprehensive information on competitors in the Polish market, including their product portfolios, pricing strategies, distribution channels, and market positioning.
  • Investigate the usage and market potential for niche gases like argon, helium, and hydrogen, identifying specific applications and customer segments with high growth potential.
  • Analyze competitors’ marketing and public relations activities, understanding their messaging, promotional strategies, and customer engagement approaches.
  • Identify opportunities for the client to differentiate its offerings and gain a competitive advantage in the market, such as by introducing innovative product solutions or value-added services.


  • Wester Europe
  • Central & Eastern Europe
  • Middle East
  • Africa
  • North America
  • South America
  • Other
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