Market analysis and development of a strategic plan in the enzymes sector, including branding optimization, pricing, and product portfolio strategies.

The project delivered a comprehensive analysis and strategic insights that enabled the client to optimize their go-to-market strategy, resulting in increased profitability and improved market presence through targeted branding, pricing, and product portfolio adjustments.


  • The project identified customer preferences, highlighting key factors influencing purchasing decisions. It also uncovered unmet needs, allowing the client to develop targeted solutions.
  • Through a thorough competitive landscape analysis, the project enabled the client to assess their positioning relative to other market players, identify strengths and weaknesses, and adjust strategies.
  • The project examined the regulatory framework and key regulations affecting the market, providing the client with insights into compliance requirements and anticipated changes, helping them navigate the regulatory landscape effectively.


  • Comprehensive analysis of the enzymes market, including volume, value, and segmentation.
  • Assessment of customer preferences regarding enzymes, premixes, tailored solutions, and off-the-shelf products.
  • Identification of key enzymes and ingredients used in the industry.
  • Analysis of the supply chain for enzymes and premixes, including distribution models.
  • Detailed understanding of the demand for enzymes and premixes in various sectors such as animal nutrition, home and personal care, distilleries, breweries, and biorefineries.
  • In-depth competitive landscape analysis, including market players’ perceptions and positioning.
  • Description of the purchasing process, decision-making criteria, and key factors influencing the selection of suppliers.
  • Identification of customer expectations, unmet needs, and opportunities for improvement in the market offer.
  • Evaluation of loyalty and motivations for supplier change.
  • Examination of the regulatory framework and key regulations impacting the market, including anticipated changes.


  • Wester Europe
  • Central & Eastern Europe
  • Middle East
  • Africa
  • North America
  • South America
  • Other
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