Analyzing the decision-making journey for kitchen equipment in Western Europe: Strategic recommendations for differentiation from competitors in the B2B market, leveraging unique offerings and value propositions.

The insights and recommendations from the project enabled the client to develop targeted strategies to enhance their sales performance and improve their market position within the B2B sector in Germany and France.


  • Clear identification of the decision-making process and key stakeholders involved in B2B purchasing, enabling the client to tailor their sales and marketing strategies accordingly.
  • In-depth analysis of customer pain points and unmet needs in the B2B sector, guiding the client in developing differentiated solutions and addressing customer concerns.
  • Insights into competitor approaches in the B2B sector, including sales team organization and market strategies, empowering the client to refine their competitive positioning and sales approaches.


  • Market size assessment of the B2B sector for kitchen appliances.
  • Segmentation of the B2B sector and analysis of the size of each segment.
  • Analysis of the decision-making process in the B2B sector for kitchen appliances.
  • Identification of the ultimate decision-maker and key influencers in the B2B purchasing process.
  • Evaluation of key criteria considered by B2B customers in their decision-making process.
  • Assessment of market trends and dynamics in the B2B sector for kitchen appliances.
  • Identification of pain points and unmet needs of B2B customers in the kitchen appliances sector.
  • Exploration of value-added services and solutions that can enhance the client’s offering in the B2B market.
  • Investigation of customer satisfaction and loyalty in the B2B sector, including factors influencing repeat purchases.
  • Development of differentiation strategies for the client to stand out from competitors in the B2B market.
  • Analysis of competitors’ approaches to the B2B sector and their B2B sales team organization.


  • Western Europe
  • Central & Eastern Europe
  • Middle East
  • Africa
  • North America
  • South America
  • Other
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