Global insights for construction market leaders: analyzing aggregate development potential across 24 key markets in Europe, LATAM, Middle East, and Africa.

The project helped in defining a new strategy and focusing business development efforts in specific geographies. Additionally, insights on the strength of aggregate applications and substitutes across the analyzed markets offered valuable information for decision-making.


  • A comprehensive understanding of the aggregates market across 24 analyzed markets in terms of market volume, segmentation by key applications, demand hotspots and transportation flows, and availability of substitutes.
  • Providing the client’s Management Board with valuable insights to define a new strategy for aggregates’ extraction and bitumen mix production.
  • Ability to assess the client’s market position against its key competitors at both international and local levels in the analyzed geographies.


  • Compare 24 aggregates’ markets using standardized parameters to provide insights and benchmarks.
  • Rank geographies by their investment potential to identify new development directions for the client’s portfolio and determine the aggregates’ extraction potential by type and potential deposit locations.
  • Analyze the aggregates’ market volume and segmentation by critical applications such as bitumen pavements, concrete production, and road and railway construction.
  • Evaluate the strength of substitutes for crushed rock, sand, and gravel, including recycled and artificial aggregates and marine aggregates.
  • Identify hot spots for aggregates’ demand and transportation flows to construction sites and cross-border flows between the analyzed markets.
  • Assess historical market dynamics from 2000 to 2020 to understand market cycles and current phases.
  • Provide macroeconomic forecasts for the aggregates market, including construction sector parameters for infrastructure, residential, and non-residential.
  • Map competitors’ activities in the aggregates market, including the location of quarries, market shares of key players, and market presence of international players, regional leaders, and local suppliers.
  • Provide additional market-specific information, including expected regulatory changes and developments in the life-cycle analysis (LCA) approach in construction, to facilitate a comprehensive understanding of the current situation and its future development.


  • Western Europe
  • Central & Eastern Europe
  • Middle East
  • Africa
  • North America
  • South America
  • Other
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